Organizational Structure

The cluster is led by an Executive Chair, who assumes the powers, duties and functions previously assigned to the Chairs of each constituent tribunal. The Executive Chair is accountable to the Minister for the performance of SLASTO in fulfilling its mandate. The Executive Chair also serves as Ethics Executive for all SLASTO’s Order-in-Council appointees.

The cluster is also led by an Executive Lead, who is accountable to the Executive Chair to implement SLASTO’s policies and operational decisions. The Executive Lead is also accountable to the Deputy Minister for the management of SLASTO’s operations. The Executive Lead serves as the Ethics Executive for all SLASTO’s Ontario Public Service staff.

Each constituent tribunal maintains its adjudicative independence and legislative mandate, however, all tribunals benefit from the coordination and sharing of resources, expertise, best practices, processes, and administrative and professional development support of the cluster.

While clusters may be structured differently, SLASTO contains the following functional units:

  • Adjudication
  • Operations
  • Legal Services
  • Strategic Business Services
  • Communications
  • Human Capital


SLASTO’s adjudication unit is led by a team of Associate Chairs who provide strategic leadership and day-to-day oversight of their respective tribunals. Associate Chairs are supported by a team of Vice Chairs and Members who primarily conduct dispute resolution.


SLASTO’s operations unit is supported by a team of operational staff who provide case management support for every matter brought before the tribunals. They act as the primary contact for parties and ensure files are complete and ready to proceed to case conferences and hearings.

Legal Services

SLASTO’s legal unit is supported by a team of lawyers who provide legal support to adjudicators, conduct quality assurance reviews of decisions and manage matters that may be statutorily appealed or judicially reviewed.

Strategic Business Services

SLASTO’s strategic business services unit is supported by a team of corporate and financial staff who manage the organization’s allocation from MAG and ensures the organization operates in compliance with government corporate directives, regulations and legislation.


SLASTO’s communications unit is supported by a team of communications professionals who ensure that SLASTO takes a streamlined approach to communications across all functional areas. The communications portfolio is diverse, including matters of media relations, issues management, stakeholder relations, corporate communications, marketing and public relations.

Human Capital

SLASTO’s human capital unit is supported by a team of staff who are responsible for the recruitment and management of the organization’s staff complement. They also provide ongoing professional development and training to both staff and adjudicators for any legislative and regulatory changes made to the tribunals’ jurisdiction as well as other core training objectives.