Access and Privacy Policy

Tribunals Ontario is committed to delivering administrative justice in a fair, independent and timely manner. As part of this commitment, Tribunals Ontario ensures openness and transparency in its proceedings, including public access to hearings, decisions and records. Our new policy confirms this commitment. In a proceeding before our boards and tribunals, sensitive personal information, including

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Karen Restoule Reappointed as Associate Chair

Tribunals Ontario is pleased to announce the reappointment of Karen Restoule as the Associate Chair for the Ontario Parole Board, effective April 5, 2019. During her career, Karen has worked as a probation and parole officer, worked with victims of crime with Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto and led strategic policy efforts as Director of

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Cannabis Licences/Authorizations Matters

Further to LAT’s post on December 20, 2018, adjudicating cannabis matters rests with LAT, independently of the regulator, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Individuals or businesses who apply for a licence, or are licensed, under the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 can appeal the following decisions or proposals of the Registrar to LAT: Notice

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