About the FSC


March 26, 2020

On March 20, 2020, the Government of Ontario issued an Emergency Order (O.Reg. 73/20) under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

The order suspends limitation periods and procedural time periods relevant to tribunal proceedings. The suspension is retroactive to March 16, 2020.

If current and / or new parties are not able to meet a timeline, Tribunals Ontario will allow them to do so at a later date. For example, if parties are not able to meet the timeline for submitting an application to a tribunal, they will be able to submit it at a later date.

Tribunals Ontario is continuing to deliver service across the province. Most tribunals are continuing to have hearings, mediations, and case conferences by teleconference or in writing, while some tribunals are rescheduling matters to later dates.

If you are not able to proceed with a matter, please contact the tribunal to reschedule. If you are not able to attend a proceeding by teleconference or in writing, the tribunal will be able to reschedule the matter to another date.

COVID-19 Policy – Postponing Hearings

h4>March 13, 2020

Effective March 13, 2020, Tribunals Ontario is implementing a new policy to postpone in-person hearings and reschedule to a later date. Where feasible, alternative hearing options such as written and telephone hearings will be considered to minimize disruption to hearings across the organization. In addition, all front-line counter services will be closed as of March 16 until further notice.

For more information, please see the news release.


The Fire Safety Commission (FSC) is an independent, quasi-judicial agency. It is one of five tribunals in the Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario (SLASTO) cluster.

The FSC resolves disputes and conducts hearings regarding fire safety matters, including orders made by inspectors or the Fire Marshal for repairs, alterations or installations to a building, structure or premises.

Powers of the FSC

Under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act (FPPA), following a hearing the FSC has the power to:

  • Confirm, amend or rescind an inspection order or review an order of the Fire Marshal, or make any other order the FSC deems appropriate.
  • Authorize an inspector to have the work required under an order completed; rescind the order; or amend the order or make any other order the Commission deems should have been made under the relevant section and order the inspector to have the work completed.
  • Confirm, amend (including explicit power to increase) or rescind an order to pay costs.


The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is a branch of the Community Safety Division of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. The OFM is responsible for promoting fire protection, fire prevention and public safety in Ontario.

To learn more about the OFM, please visit their website here.

Inspection Orders

The FPPA provides fire officials, fire inspectors and firefighters with various powers to enter and inspect properties or buildings.

Under section 21(1) of the FPPA, inspectors are authorized to order the owner or occupant of land or premises to take any measure necessary to ensure fire safety.

Review of Inspection Orders by the Fire Marshal

Under section 25(1) of the FPPA, if a person disagrees with an inspection order they can submit a written request to the Fire Marshal for a review of the order. The Fire Marshal (or a delegate) can refuse to consider the request and refer the matter directly to the FSC for a hearing, or the Fire Marshal can review the matter and confirm, amend or rescind the order and make any orders it determine are appropriate in the circumstances.